We specialize in all of your Vinyl Siding Needs

Roofing Logic is more than just roofing. We also provide siding services including installation and repair. We can update the look of your home or repair damage. We provide excellent service, performed by professionally certified installers.They work with efficiency, courtesy, and we guarantee the workmanship. Despite its popularity, some people still don’t know why siding is a great choice for the exterior of your home.

Why Vinyl siding?

Siding is a cost effective, low maintenance way of updating the outside of your home.

  • Siding is now available in many colors and styles
  • Siding is virtually maintenance free.

Maintenance is simple

  • Vinyl siding can last a lifetime.
  • Vinyl withstands assaults from salt, chemicals, and the UV rays of the sun.
  • There is no peeling or chipped paint to deal with on a yearly basis.

Lower bills through new siding?

  • Getting new siding is a great time to improve your insulation and to make sure your home is air tight.
  • Putting a house wrap on your home makes sure it’s airtight against cold winter winds and the humidity of summer but allows it to breathe.


  • Has your siding been significantly damaged by hail or the wind?
  • Hail can punch holes in your siding leaving the structure underneath vulnerable to water and pest damage.
  • When we repair your damaged siding, we can repair any damage we find underneath. Repairing damage early stops the process and can prevent further, costly damage.