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Roofing Logic combines the best of all roofing companies. We install long lasting roofs, quickly, and do our work with integrity. When it comes to your business, you’ve got people to manage, budgets to balance and inventory to control, the last thing you want to worry about is the roof. A leak in the roof can put the integrity of the structure and the safety of employees and customers at risk. These are not risks you need to be dealing with. Roofing Logic can take that burden away for you. We install and repair commercial roofs of the highest quality.

Our Work is Built to last

For example, we use RPI Rubber membrane made by Firestone, as well as Standing Seam Metals.

We also offer service contracts that include periodic inspections on a yearly basis so that small problems or low spots can be avoided and leaks dealt with immediately.

Insulation Saves Money

Up to 30% of a business’s costs can be from heating and cooling. The amount of insulation on the roof can affect this number significantly. Give us a call and we’ll come out and inspect the roof and your insulation and see if we can improve your energy efficiency.

Types of Roofs

Roofing Logic offers you choices. We offer Metal roofing, Slate roofs and RPI Rubber roofs. One increasingly popular choice for businesses with sloped roofs is metal roofs. They can last up to 70 years and will help keep costs down the whole time. They offer savings because they reflect solar heat in the summer and shed winter’s snow easily.

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