If you love the look and class of slate roofs but have either structural weight bearing or cost restraints, a composite slate roof might be just the thing for you. You will get the attractive look of slate without the structural weight and at a fraction of the cost.

What are they made of?

  • Composite slate roofing shingles are made from one of two materials: plastic roofing or rubber slate.
  • Plastic alternative slate tiles are made of a nonporous plastic, and they look like slate tiles but are lighter and less expensive.
  • Rubber slate is made from recycled tires and looks surprisingly like natural slate and has a similar durability.

Curb appeal

  • With slate alternative shingles, you’ll get the curb appeal of slate at a fraction of the cost of natural slate or wood shake.
  • Slate alternative shingles come in a variety of colors, such as the cool grey Antique Slate,  Royal Slate with undertones of burgundy and blue, earth Emerald Green, and the ever neutral English Grey.


  • Slate alternative shingles have the durability of slate with the convenience of composite shingles.
  • Slate alternative shingles are fire resistant, with a Class A rating.
  • Stain resistant slate alternative will keep your roof looking new for decades. No more algae streaks ruining the appearance of your home.

Installation Features

  • Slate alternative roofs are installed with a roof deck protective underlayment for extra waterproofing.
  • A leak barrier layer is also under all slate alternative shingles, adding even more water protection.

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