Form and function come together in a slate roof with a graceful and enduring style.

If you are looking into roofing materials, you’ll definitely want to investigate slate roofs. They have the classic look that people have admired for centuries.

Do I have a choice when it comes to color?

  • Yes! Slate comes in various hues of red, grey, purple, green, and black, all depending on the geologic and geographic origin of the slate.
  • There are varying thicknesses to choose from.
  • Slate tiles come in different sizes, each creating a unique appearance.
  • You can mix and match styles, colors, and patterns of slate.

How long will a slate roof last?

  • Slate roofs can last for centuries, depending on the type of slate and the pitch of the roof. Pennsylvania slate lasts, on average, 120 years.
  • When they do finally need to be replaced, they can be disposed of as green waste.

Can any roofing contractor install a slate roof?

  • In theory, yes, any roofing contractor can install a slate roof, but an experienced slate roofer will possess the tools, the techniques, and the knowledge to know what materials need to be used with a slate roof so that they all last.

What other considerations are there with a slate roof?

  • If fire resistance is something you are looking for, slate is the roofing material you are seeking.
  • Slate has the highest fire resistance of all roofing materials and will keep your home safe from fires started by floating embers, fireworks, or wildfires.
  • Slate roofs are heavier than other types of roofing so some structural consideration will have to be made.


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